Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

S.L.A.A. Singapore welcomes anyone that wishes to receive help from a pattern of sex and love addiction. Special care and protection of the anonymity of members is a fundamental principle of S.L.A.A..
The only requirement for anyone who wishes to join S.L.A.A. is a desire to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addition.
S.L.A.A. Singapore is a 12 step and 12 tradition oriented recovery fellowship.

Members' Blog

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I have been in this program for almost a year. This is the hardest, yet most exciting journey I’ve ever taken.

- Anonymous 2011

I hit my rock bottom when I got caught cheating on my family. Now I have a second chance.

- Anonymous 2010

My life was filled with promiscuity and dishonesty. My life changed when I decided to see a therapist who referred me to S.L.A.A.

- Anonymous 2010

This group gives me a safe place to share my struggles and seek growth through the twelve steps.

- Anonymous 2011

I was dishonest to the core. I was selfish, secretive and I was arrogant. This group is about personal development. I'm getting better everyday.

- Anonymous 2013


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